Beaujolais Nouveau 2015 ban!!

November 19 to 21
Beaujolais Nouveau of 2015, the "great workmanship that is memorable!"
Until November 19 to 21, it will be one person full service at the front desk.
(No I will consider it as soon as the end)
Please try this drinking service on this opportunity.


New menu "Cool bourbon!" wellcomedrink is starting now !
New way to enjoy "Jim Beam" which sales world NO.1 bourbon is to deliver the "Cool bourbon!" !
Also glass full of crushed ice is look cool, you can a taste full of exhilaration to enjoy without fee.
Please try by all means on this occasion ! !
It has become a one person one cup of service at the front desk.


It has accommodation bidder limited !!

Members \ 500-Visitor \1,000
Polka dots satin shirt dress,Heart Pattern fleece robe,satin room wear
leopard pattern cami,black lace baby doll,embroidery cami
further gloss courtesan,sexy nurse, Lovely maid,etc
And, those who use more than 10 times in the members will be the VIP benefits
Free of charge. Come to this opportunity, please use.


From Monday to Thursday ,and Saturday and Sunday, RestTime is now extending to 3 hours. (Iexcepting the day before holidays and Friday )
Please spend your precious time more comfortable.


Notice of price increases due to the Dear Customer consumption tax hike
Thank you I received the patronage HOTEL Azabu is patronage.
As you known, it has due to the consumption tax hike that will be carried out from April 1, 2014
For Customers were Because it was a carry to revise the Charge after the date of implementation at the hotel, I would like your assistance.
Because we are committed to improve services further in the future, thank you for your understanding.

From HOTEL Azabu manager