Renewal Room102 with Microbubble bath!

7 special effects by micro bubble bath
1.more warmed 2.cleaning effect
3.beautiful skin effect 4.minus ion
5.improvement effect 6.metabolic effect
7.body odor reduction
There are 8 similar room with microbubble bathes in our hotel.
It is! With a synergistic effect with fantastic underwater lighting, the mind and the body will be healed.
5 minutes walk from Roppongi Hills!
It is near the EX theater.
Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line,Chiyoda Line ,Toei Oedo Line Stations and many convenience stores is very near by from this hotel!
If you are not experienced microbubble bath, now to Azabu! It is!


Beaujolais Nouveau 2016 !!

Beaujolais Nouveau 2016 lifting of the ban than Welcome Drink Service on November 17 (Thursday)! !
Taste only in this year, please enjoy the Beaujolais Nouveau in Hotel Azabu!
Until November 17 to 19 days, it will be one person full service at the front desk.
(No, We will consider it as soon as the end) on this occasion certainly, please use.


The entire renewal completion !!

No.102, No. 202 room was reborn specially as a mirror room.
Reproduce the modern mirror room as a reprint of Showa regression.
In addition installation !! The mirror ball of just like '90s disco at Room102.
Please enjoy produce all means the luxury space. !! The other room also gave a semi renewal you can enjoy the "HOTEL Azabu" a little unusual.


The new system start at May1 Sunday!!
At May 1, 2016, the new system begin!
As you can stay more comfortably at Hotel Azabu , the room fee and also service time significantly renewal!
"Rest" starts from at 4:00 to 1:00 nextday in Monday through Thursday, Sunday "Stay" starts
from at 21:00 Mon-Thu,
from at 23:00 Fri,The day bifore holiday
from at 16:00 Sundays, Holiday
By new system you can stay in the early hours and in the weekday rate all days. For more information, please contact the front of Hotel Azabu.


New menu "Cool bourbon!" wellcomedrink is starting now !
New way to enjoy "Jim Beam" which sales world NO.1 bourbon is to deliver the "Cool bourbon!" !
Also glass full of crushed ice is look cool, you can a taste full of exhilaration to enjoy without fee.
Please try by all means on this occasion ! !
It has become a one person one cup of service at the front desk.


It has accommodation bidder limited !!

Members _ 500-Visitor _1,000
Polka dots satin shirt dress,Heart Pattern fleece robe,satin room wear
leopard pattern cami,black lace baby doll,embroidery cami
further gloss courtesan,sexy nurse, Lovely maid,etc
And, those who use more than 10 times in the members will be the VIP benefits
Free of charge. Come to this opportunity, please use.