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March 5, 2022

Asahi beer at the same price Renewed with increased quantities!!

Furthermore, now that we have a big Thanksgiving service until the end of March, we will serve "Kratz" every a first cup of for each group! !! Please use it! !!

November 2, 2021

Karaoke system is very popular ♪ All rooms are installed, choose your favorite room and enjoy karaoke !!

It's been a year since karaoke was installed in all rooms of HOTEL Azabu! !! It has been well received by many couples ♪ People who simply want to enjoy karaoke are welcome!! Of course, you can use it mainly for karaoke!! There are many customers who enjoy only karaoke, such as one person or women ♪ Please enjoy the extraordinary space ♪ We are waiting for you with a satisfying lineup of popular songs from "JOYSOUND" and new songs updated every month !!

April 29, 2021

"Don't lose to Corona! Support campaign!!"  Extension

"Don't lose to Corona! Support campaign!!" It is decided to extend it because it is very popular !! We will continue to guide you with a great plan !! It is full of karaoke, micro bubble bath, mirror room and playfulness. Even if you are tired from corona, please refresh yourself at our hotel ♪ We are waiting for our customers to take all possible measures against coronavirus and to ensure safety and security. Please come to our hotel. (Please note that this campaign is subject to change without notice.)

March 5, 2021

"Don't lose to Corona! Support campaign !!"

The "Don't lose to Corona !! Support campaign !!", which is held for a limited time until March 7, has been very popular and will be extended by "changing the shape" !! From March 8th to 19:00 on all days of accommodation !! You can enjoy up to 17 hours !! (Sunday and holidays from 16:00 to OK !!) Significant extension !! "Friday," "Saturday," and "the day before holidays" will be a two-part service time system to meet the needs of our customers! We are waiting for our customers with safety and security in mind. Please come to our hotel. "Don't lose to Corona! Support campaign !!" !! We will inform you about "Friday", "Saturday" and "the day before holidays" from February 5th to March 7th on the weekday system! !! Furthermore, accommodation reservations on the day can also be accepted by phone! !! (Reception starts at 10:00 AM, limited number of groups) We are waiting for customers with various measures against coronavirus and keeping safety and security in mind. Accent your busy days ... Come and relax at our hotel.

January 8, 2021

"HOTEL Azabu Response to the State of Emergency"

Thank you for using HOTEL Azabu. Last night, on January 7, 2021, the "Declaration of Emergency for Coronavirus Infectious Diseases" was issued, but the hotel is still open to prevent infectious diseases. Thank you for your continued patronage.

September 25, 2020

The karaoke / VOD system installed in advance at our The HOTEL B-SIDE has been very well received. Introduced to HOTEL Azabu with full satisfaction!!

All rooms have a karaoke system revived!! Many requests from customers!! Fully introduced karaoke system in all rooms! !! Hotel Azabu waiting for you with a satisfying and timeless lineup of popular songs from "JOYSOUND" and new songs added everyday !! You can fully enjoy it. ♪ Feel the fun space that is different from usual ♪

September 25, 2020

introduced VOD system in all rooms !!

The popular VOD system has a more beautiful screen, and all rooms have been renewed by upgrading! !! We have a wide variety of popular movies such as Western movies, Japanese movies, adults, comedy, and sports, and there is no doubt that you can enjoy fortune-telling and psychological tests with fun content!! You can easily order a full range of room service on the TV in your room with a single remote control operation ♪ Please use our more comfortable and evolved The HOTEL Azabu!

September 25, 2020

Limited to rooms 101, 301 and 401! Super powerful 70 inch TV installed !!

Micro bubble bath! Mirror room! karaoke! Introducing a new VOD system!! HOTEL Azabu has evolved in various ways, but we will attack even more! Finally, in our spacious room, it's so powerful! !! 70-inch large LCD TV installed! !! !! !! You can see movies, sports, dramas, comedy, and all with powerful screen and sounds! !! You can enjoy your favorite videos on the Blu-ray & DVD deck ♪ Why not incorporate our playful hotel into your precious date plan for yours!?

September 25, 2020

Currently, all rooms are equipped with the popular micro bubble bath ♪

All rooms are equipped with the micro bubble bath, which has become a hot topic in TV commercials recently! !! We have been paying attention to the negative ion effect and efficacy for beauty effect, stress reduction, and hot bath effect for 10 years!! A relaxing space that you can't really experience at home. There are many customers who are looking for a bath ♪ Relax and refresh your tired body with a micro bubble bath ♪ Please come to our hotel to experience a healing time like a milk bath with milky white water. Please come to this hotel to try this out.

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